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Major personnel change of Moutai Group: Gao Weidong, director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation, takes over as chairman!

Li Baofang is stepping down as chairman of Moutai Group, an industry source said on March 3. Gao Weidong was replaced by Moutai as the new chairman. In August 2015, Li Baofang was transferred to Moutai as Party Secretary and general manager. In May 2018, Li Baofang was appointed Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Moutai Group and Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Kweichow Moutai Liquor Co., LTD. Over the past four years, it has made deep rectification of Moutai, enabling Moutai to complete the "13th Five-Year Plan" goal one year ahead of schedule, and achieve the goal of 100 billion yuan in 2019. In addition, let Moutai from 36.252 billion/year revenue, growth to

How to choose baijiu? Maotai town liquor manufacturers for you to explain!

How to choose baijiu? Maotai town liquor manufacturers for you to explain! For many years, baijiu has been an important drink on the dinner table of Chinese people. Whether it is a family affair or a social work dinner party, as long as it is a little bit of important issues, it is basically inseparable from Chinese baijiu, which is actually a special traditional culture of the table!

How does Maotai town liquor stand or fall distinguish?

Maotai liquor, also known as soju and Baigan, is a distilled liquor made from Chinese sorghum, rice and grains, Daqu, ditqu, Fuqu and distillery as fermentation agents for saccharification production, after solid, semi-solid or liquid cooking, saccharification, fermentation and distillation.

How to store liquor in Maotai Town?

There are many kinds of liquor brewing technology in Maotai town. The brewing method determines the flavor, aroma and flavor of liquor. Liquor is glycosylated by the amylase in Aspergillus oryzae, and many by-products are produced in the subsequent fermentation process due to the use of Aspergillus oryzae. These by-products give the wine its strong flavor.

Maotai town liquor process introduction, hurry up!

The main characteristics of Maotai liquor can be summed up in four words: "smooth, sweet, clean and cool". First of all, the characteristic of Maotai liquor is smooth, which refers to the thick feeling in the taste of liquor. A good drink will quickly melt into our digestive system and spread like warm water. Double emotion characteristic sweet, refers to fine wine, can perceive sweet, just like a meal can only eat rice, not a long period of time, can taste some rice sweet.

How to store Guizhou Liquor? You know what?

Guizhou liquor storage should be put in the wine cabinet as far as possible, the bottle lid should be sealed, the temperature should not exceed 30℃, the humidity should be about 70%, and the storage should be upright. If you don't have a liquor cabinet, keep it in a dark, cool, clean, airy area of your home, such as a cellar or storage room.

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