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Taste Huai Zhuang winery home how to choose?



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Maomaoxiang wine its Maomaoxiang outstanding, elegant and delicate, full-bodied, long aftertaste, clear and transparent, color yellowish. Next for everyone to say the taste of Huaizhuang winery home how to choose? I hope it can help some of the people involved.



When looking for a winery to taste, choose the winery in its main region. In particular, the soy sauce winery in the core production area of 7.5 square kilometers has unique geographical environment and microbial flora advantages. It uses red tastier sorghum, fine wheat and Chishui river from Maotai Town. The unique natural environment creates very good Moutai flavor wine. Some ordinary wineries of big taste, Huaizhuang, are concentrated in the town of Maotai 7.5 square kilometers of the core production area. Located 300 meters away from the factory, the east bank of the Chishui River, 440 meters above sea level. Of course what you need to know when you find it is that it's a 70-year-old winery, same place, same climate, same technology, same flavor, focusing on grass aromas. The century-old stone tools, ancient wine cellars and ancient pottery altar, together with the mature wine making technology, together create the unique taste of Maotou wine. The one-year production cycle of Huaizhuang wine factory remains to be seen: 2 feeding times, 9 cooking times, 8 fermentation times, 7 wine-out times and more than 4 years of basic wine storage time before blending. There are also three high technology, qu making technology, which determines the unique production technology and high value of Maodou wine.

When looking for the taste of Huaizhuang winery home also choose producers with deep cultural heritage. What you need to know here is that each spirit has its own story and history. Collecting spirits, as well as the history and culture behind them, is a reflection of value. There is also a very important word of mouth is to measure the quality of a taste of Huaizhuang winery standards, so in the choice of taste of Huaizhuang winery, we must understand the manufacturer of word of mouth. The manufacturer's reputation includes product quality. In fact, this aspect is the market evaluation of the products produced by the manufacturers, the evaluation of consumers, peer evaluation. This is very important. In addition, the quality of word of mouth is the evaluation of the customers who have cooperated with the manufacturers, so the word of mouth is also called word of mouth. It is also a relatively easy reference point to grasp. What customers need to know is that the production process is directly related to the quality of the product, so when choosing the liquor OEM, we should first look at their production process, that is, what production process they use. We must choose those manufacturers with advanced production process and good wine quality, so as not to affect our brand reputation and reputation.

The above article is about the taste of Huaizhuang winery for friends how to choose, and in the content also share a good taste of Huaizhuang winery, if you have this need can go to check it, I hope to help you.


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