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Maotai-flavor liquor to seize the county market five steps



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Chinese liquor market brand competition is more and more fierce, the country's big cities, central cities and economically developed prefectural-level cities are Kweichow Moutai and other more than a dozen well-known liquor brands are controlled, as in recent years hair up Maotai liquor brand to open up a new world in big cities, central cities and a firm foothold is not easy. But compared with big cities and central cities, county-level cities are the weak areas of liquor fighting, especially the economically underdeveloped county-level cities, which are the main direction of Maotai-flavor liquor brand in the future.

China now has more than 2,800 county-level cities, of which about 1,600 are economically developed and have high consumption power, mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and central and eastern regions.

According to the survey, the annual consumption capacity of ordinary county-level cities is 5 million to 6 million yuan, and that of economically developed county-level cities is 20 million to 50 million yuan. Some county-level cities have higher consumption capacity.

There are a large number of county-level cities in our country, which is several times of the whole nation's big cities and central cities, and has a broad market development prospect. Therefore, the brand of Maotai-flavor liquor should judge the situation, seize opportunities and enter the county-level city in due time.

Maotai-flavor liquor to seize the county market five steps: to find out the characteristics of liquor consumption; Use flexible tactics to enter at the right time; Brand promotion and product promotion; Promotional activities are essential; Build a loyal customer base.

The first step: find out the characteristics of liquor consumption in county market

Our county level city is different from general province, municipal city, province, municipal city passenger flow is large, liquor products circulation is fast, the product price is high, people's purchasing power is strong, consumption power exuberant, and people's comparison consumption, fashion consumption is more serious, the pursuit of upscale, luxury liquor luxury brand is popular; However, the purchasing power of liquor in county-level cities is relatively weak, the product price is not high, people pay attention to the benefits, pay attention to the cost performance of the product, and the passenger flow in county-level cities is small, the purchasing power is scattered, at this time, advertising is very effective, especially word-of-mouth transmission plays a crucial role.

Generally speaking, the places where baijiu is purchased in county-level cities are mainly concentrated in specialty stores, supermarkets and community outlets, while the places where baijiu is consumed are mainly concentrated in hotels, restaurants and some characteristic restaurants, especially local characteristic snack bars, such as dog meat restaurant, mutton restaurant and seafood city, which are the best-selling places for baijiu. The peak of liquor consumption is mainly concentrated during the Spring Festival, which generally accounts for more than 60 percent of the annual consumption. During the Spring Festival, most baijiu products are used for gifts and treats, when low - and medium-price baijiu are more popular.

Firstly, the consumption characteristics of liquor in target county-level cities were investigated to obtain first-hand data. It is necessary to understand the sales status, marketing channel characteristics, sales methods, distribution of county-level dealers and economic strength of liquor in target county-level cities. It is also necessary to investigate the number of competitive products in target county-level cities, their distribution, their brand power, and the promotion strategy, price trend, marketing means and strategies of competitive products. It is necessary to understand the main sales channels and sales methods of county-level cities, and understand consumers' consumption habits and lifestyles, consumers' hobbies and brand loyalty.

The second step: use flexible tactics to enter the county market

In county-level cities, liquor consumption is dispersed and has many selling points. Wherever people gather, liquor is sold and consumed. Baijiu is a traditional Chinese consumption wine, especially in county-level cities, no matter what venue, no matter what kind of banquet, baijiu is a wine. However, the liquor marketing position of county-level cities is very strong, with local brands sticking to and holding, and quite a few well-known brands eager to try. If foreign brands want to enter the county-level market, it is unrealistic to adopt a frontal attack, only to adopt flexible strategies and tactics to conquer county-level cities.

In order to conquer county-level cities, it is necessary to study the psychological needs, purchasing behavior and purchasing motivation of consumers in county-level cities. For example, the marketing of customized wine is to grasp the psychological characteristics of consumers, in order to meet the psychological needs of consumer groups, such as customized wine for wedding banquet, customized wine for birthday, military wine, government wine, business wine, etc., from a certain link, a specific group of people to open up, find a breakthrough to conquer county-level cities in time to enter.

Can also avoid hotels, hotels and shopping malls and other places, directly into the local famous bistro, specialty restaurants, community shops, etc., put down the value, close contact with local consumers, mixed face familiar, and then a large number of county cities, and county city traditional marketing channels still occupy the mainstream, most of the mom and pop shops, small supermarkets and other small retail terminals are still the main force of liquor sales, If you get in their good graces, you can get into county cities, too.

Due to the shortage of manpower and limited funds, most wine enterprises adopt the means of cooperation with local distributors and agents, make full use of their resource advantages and sales network advantages, timely give them sweeteners and benefits, let them carry out product development and marketing, and take the initiative to help them solve some emergency problems. At the same time, establish a marketing team, give human, material and financial support, and vigorously cultivate the strong interest and loyalty of dealers or agents, can achieve good results.

In county-level city marketing, we should grasp the good distribution, distribution is an effective means to improve the terminal goods, distribution should be timely, in place, the coverage should be wide, to ensure that there are products in every consumer corner of the county-level city, such as Jinliufu can cover most of the county-level city, and in the county-level city coverage of almost 100 percent; Liuyang River Wine also actively carries out the strategy of "going up the mountain to the countryside", aiming at the catering, hotels and small wholesale points in county-level cities, etc., which has gained a lot. Lao Village Chief Wine, which has always been known for its low-end liquor, has established co-marketing outlets in county-level cities in Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other provinces, and set up co-marketing stores in every street. Northeast Black land wine along the way along the county-level cities of the restaurant "walk" non-stop across the country, established a good brand image and product reputation. Other well-known baijiu brands, such as Xiaocunwai and Longjiang Jiayuan, are examples of using low-cost liquor to launch county-level cities.

The third step: brand promotion and product promotion in county market

Most consumers living in county-level cities grew up in rural areas, or settled down in the city or worked in the city, with strong emotional color. As long as they identify with a certain brand of products, they will always compete to buy them, and generally will not change easily. In addition, compared with big cities and central cities, information in county-level cities is relatively blocked, and information is mainly obtained through TV, news media and other channels. Word-of-mouth transmission is very important, which has a wide range of marketing and is easy to create a sensational effect. As long as the brand and product publicity is proper, the effect is quite obvious. Moreover, the cost of product advertising in county-level cities is not much, and the advertising function of local TV stations is very obvious. The audience rating of advertisements in local TV stations can reach more than 95%. Moreover, local government newspapers and magazines are also good propaganda positions.

Strong local publicity is designed to let consumers know the strength, brand image and product characteristics of the enterprise, so as to play an aerial bombing effect. Then, combined with ground road shows, some ground special benefit parties or free tasting activities are held to arouse consumers' enthusiasm and purchase desire. For example, some liquor enterprises carry out free tasting activities in the communities of the target county-level cities for a long time, and set up display stands around the communities, farmers' markets, food markets and other public places for on-site display and free tasting. In short, brand promotion and product promotion can take various forms to attract the participation of target consumers. Of course, some large building advertising, community publicity bar advertising, column advertising, car body advertising and even wall advertising, are also good advertising positions, easy to attract people's attention, should give full play to their role.

The fourth step: Maotai-flavor liquor in the county market promotion activities are essential

In county-level cities, liquor consumption is very rational, love to take advantage of the psychological has always been around the county-level city consumers. Promotion is still the focus of consumers. In general county-level cities, consumers are willing to buy liquor products with promotion activities, regardless of the value of the promotional products, as long as consumers think it is affordable, they are willing to buy. Many liquor boxes containing lighters are very popular with consumers. For more than ten years, they have been selling well. Although the price of lighters is not expensive, about one yuan, they can raise the appetite of consumers.

Many liquor enterprises can grasp the purchasing psychology of consumers, and the promotion forms are flexible and diverse, constantly stimulating the nerves of consumers, so that consumers always turn around the product. There are liquor enterprises directly grasp the status and role of housewives in the family, let men drink let women favor, promotional products as far as possible to make some bedding, kitchen supplies and children's drinks to win the love of consumers. There are liquor enterprises in shopping malls, supermarkets and other terminals to engage in "buy one get one free" activities, in the hotel to engage in "buy a bottle of liquor to give a dish" and other activities. As the promotional activities are closely focused on the terminal, the products sold are shipped from the terminal, increase the enthusiasm of the terminal sales, cultivate a lot of hardcore terminal customers, but also establish a good customer relationship.

The promotional gifts should have a certain correlation with the liquor product itself and the brand appeal. They should be novel and unique, reflect the difference, and attract consumers' eyes as much as possible. Only in this way can the gifts be effective and rational. In the promotion, consumers can get "extra value benefits" properly, which will also promote the sales of the products. Consumers can get the use value of the wine at the normal price, and also get the use value of another gift given by them for free, which makes them feel that buying this kind of liquor at this time is "worth the money".

The fifth step: Maotai-flavor liquor to establish a loyal customer base in the county market

The practice of enterprises has proved that 80% of the profits of enterprises come from 20% of consumers. Only by establishing a good customer relationship with the core consumers of enterprises can the scarce marketing resources of enterprises be effectively allocated and utilized, so that enterprises can obtain high profits.

Maotai-flavor liquor sales is not the ultimate goal, but to get consumer recognition and satisfaction, to establish a loyal, trustworthy customer base, so that they are willing to enjoy your products for a lifetime, this is the ultimate goal. We should always care about consumers' drinking mood and service, so that consumers can get unexpected and even surprised services and benefits, and obtain a higher level of satisfaction.

Therefore, after-sales service is very important, to track the consumption of products and consumer satisfaction, once the product has problems, should give timely answers, and help return and replace, do the corresponding compensation problem, until the consumer satisfaction, enhance the brand credibility and reputation, to ensure that products sell well. At the same time, it is necessary to establish detailed customer files, seize the influential customer base, give full play to its word-of-mouth transmission and radiation driving role, if possible to use the network advantage resources, establish a complete customer base information network, do a good job in network marketing, consolidate the marketing advantages and status of county-level market.

Maotai is China's main production of maotai-flavor liquor, in addition to guizhou maotai, there are hundreds of liquor production enterprise, hope that the enterprise market maotai-flavor liquor brands could put the success of the vast market at the county level, let consumers can get a really good guizhou maotai maotai-flavor liquor, for enterprises to open up a new heaven and earth.

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