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Guizhou Huazui Dream wine industry



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After historical precipitation, China has formed a unique baijiu drinking culture, which not only satisfies the emotional needs of people and the social needs of interpersonal relationship adjustment, but also reflects people's high-level pursuit of psychological and spiritual values. The development of Chinese baijiu industry in the past thousand years is similar to that of many industries. From the loose workshop began to process, brand.

In terms of sales, it is from China's local drinks to the world. Under such an industry background, the competition of liquor sales in China is quite fierce, and various flavors and brands of liquor are also emerging in an endless stream. With the coming of the new century, especially the concept of "liquor new retail", the liquor industry reform has already begun.

Chinese baijiu is one of the six most famous distilled spirits in the world (the other five are brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka and gin). Chinese liquor is much more complicated than distilled spirits in the world. It has various raw materials, different characteristics and different names. Chinese LIQUOR IS IN BEVERAGE WINE, HAVE A COLOR ALONE, WITH THE WORLD THE LIQUOR PHOTOGRAPH OF OTHER COUNTRY IS COMPARED, OUR COUNTRY LIQUOR HAS A SPECIAL LOCAL COLOR THAT CANNOT BE LIKENED TO.

Wine white crystal, colorless transparent; Pleasant aroma, the five flavors of wine have their own characteristics, fragrant, pure, good fragrance, lingering fragrance; The taste is mellow and soft, sweet and crisp, the wine body is harmonious, and the aftertaste is long. The refreshing and refreshing tail is clean and the beautiful taste changes endlessly, giving people a great sense of excitement and happiness. Baijiu, can be said to have nurtured generations of Chinese soul. Chinese human culture, table culture and communication culture are all related to baijiu.


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