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The development of liquor culture



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Liquor, is our country's ancient wine, also called soju or old dry in the past. Our wine culture has a long history, poets drink wine to be happy can leave the best works; If which gave birth to a girl will bury a bottle of white wine into the ground, such as the woman married the same day dug out to entertain guests is Nierhong. Baijiu is a kind of distilled wine unique to China. Although its history is later than fermented wine, it is loved by Chinese people.

 Its sauce flavor is outstanding, elegant and delicate, the wine body is mellow, the aftertaste is long, clear and transparent, the color is yellow. With sauce aroma, slightly scorched aroma (but not head), the fragrance is delicate, complex, soft containing filter (filter fragrance) is not prominent, ester fragrance soft and elegant coordination.

The first ester after the sauce, the sauce fragrance is long, the aroma in the cup is unchanged for a long time, the empty cup to stay fragrant for a long time (Maotai wine has the saying of "button cup fragrance every other day"), the taste is greater than the fragrance, the bitter degree is moderate, the wine degree is low and unchanged. The standard comments of Maotai-flavor liquor are: colorless (or yellowish) transparent, no suspended matter, no precipitation, Maotai-flavor outstanding, elegant and delicate, empty cup fragrance elegant and lasting, soft and mellow entrance, long aftertaste, style (outstanding, obvious, acceptable).


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