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Tasting sauce flavor Baijiu



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If it is packaged in a colorless transparent glass bottle, hold the wine bottle in your hand and slowly invert it. Observe the bottom of the bottle under light. If there is any sinking substance or cloud like phenomenon, it indicates that there are many impurities in the wine; If the liquor does not lose its luster, is not turbid, and has no suspended solids, it indicates that the quality of the liquor is relatively good. Because in terms of color, except for Maotai flavor liquor, general Baijiu should be colorless and transparent. If the wine is packaged in porcelain or colored glass bottles, shake it slightly and open it to observe its color and sediment.

Pour the wine into a colorless and transparent glass, and observe the natural light. Baijiu should be clear and transparent, free of suspended solids and sediment; Then smell its aroma, put your nose close to the mouth of the cup, and distinguish the height and characteristics of the aroma; Finally, savor the taste, drink a small amount of wine and spread it on the tongue to distinguish the thickness, softness, mellowness, roughness of the taste, as well as the coordination of acidity, sweetness, sweetness, and spiciness, as well as the length and duration of the aftertaste. Low grade low-quality Baijiu usually uses poor quality or mouldy grains as raw materials, and the process is rough. It usually passes off as famous brand wine or best-selling wine, and drinks wine that chokes the throat and hurts the head. It must be low-quality wine.

The degree of alcohol can be determined by shaking. After shaking the bottle, if there are hops that are the size of millet to sorghum grains, the stacking time is about 15 seconds, and the alcohol content is approximately 53 to 55 degrees; If the hops are the size of sorghum grains, the stacking time is about 7 seconds, and the alcohol content is about 57-60 degrees.

Take a drop of Baijiu and put it in the palm of your hand, then close your hands and rub them hard for a few times. If the smell of the wine is faint after it is heated, it is a high-quality wine; If the odor is sweet, it is considered a mid range wine; If the odor is bitter and unpleasant, it is considered inferior wine. Drop a drop of edible oil into the wine, and if the oil diffuses irregularly and sinks significantly, it is considered inferior wine. The style of a wine refers to the comprehensive impression that the color, aroma, taste, and body of the wine affect people's senses and leave a lasting impression on them. Different wines have different styles; The same wine will also have different styles.


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