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What are the characteristics of Maotai flavor Baijiu?



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High acidity, beneficial for health

Sauce flavored liquor has a high acidity, which is 3 to 5 times that of other liquors, and is mainly composed of acetic acid and lactic acid. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, acid governs the spleen and stomach, protects the liver, and can soften blood vessels. Western medicine also recognizes that eating acid is beneficial for health. Taoism and Buddhism also attach great importance to the health preserving function of acid.

Rich in beneficial and healthy active ingredients

Sauce flavored liquor contains SOD, which is a specific scavenger for oxygen free radicals. Its main function is to eliminate excess free radicals in the human body, and has obvious anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, antiviral, and anti-aging effects. At the same time, sauce flavored wine can also induce the production of metallothionein in the liver, and the effect of metallothionein is much stronger than SOD. Metallothionein has an inhibitory effect on hepatic stellate cells, preventing them from separating and separating fibers, thus preventing the formation of liver cirrhosis.

Pure grain brewing without adding foreign substances

Sauce flavored liquor is brewed from pure grains and is a naturally fermented product. The aroma of sauce flavored liquor has not yet found the main aroma substance, so even if someone wants to fake it by adding synthetic agents, they have no way to start, which eliminates the possibility of adding any aroma or aroma substances.


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