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Development of Baijiu



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Alcohol refers to beverages containing ethanol, also known as alcoholic components. According to different production methods, it can be divided into three categories: distilled liquor, fermented liquor, and formulated liquor. According to different alcohol content, it can be divided into high alcohol, generally over 40 degrees, moderate alcohol, generally below 40 degrees and above 20 degrees, and low alcohol alcohol, with an alcohol content below 20 degrees. Baijiu is a unique distilled liquor in China and one of the six largest distilled liquors in the world.

Baijiu is a kind of distilled liquor product made from grains such as sorghum as the main raw materials, and Daqu, Xiaoqu or bran koji and distiller's yeast as the saccharifying and fermenting agent through steaming, saccharifying, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending. As one of the main distilled liquor varieties in the world, Baijiu is also a unique traditional liquor in China, and China is also one of the countries that made liquor earlier in the world.

In the 10th century BC of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the brewing industry had developed into a considerable handicraft department, with the state having a dedicated official position in charge of brewing. The development history of Chinese brewing technology also went through a process from turbid liquor to sake, and then to distilled liquor. In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, many regions established local state-owned distilleries on the basis of private distilleries. Since then, the development of Baijiu industry in China has entered a new historical stage, and the traditional distilleries operated by private enterprises have gradually evolved into large-scale industrial enterprises.

The country has carried out large-scale pilot research on Baijiu characterized by summing up traditional experience, and gradually carried out the improvement of brewing mechanization, which has completed the basic technical preparation for the large-scale development of the Baijiu industry. In terms of Baijiu brands, in 1952, the country began to carry out many famous liquor evaluations, and selected "Chinese famous liquor" products such as Maotai, Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Xifeng, etc, To a certain extent, it has laid the cornerstone of the current Baijiu industry pattern.

However, under the planned economic system, the development of Baijiu industry in China is relatively slow. After the reform and opening up, especially in the past three decades, the Baijiu industry in China has developed rapidly and made great achievements. The Baijiu industry has shown a "spiral rise" in the development process. After a period of rapid development, it has entered the adjustment period with the national macroeconomic development cycle and related industrial policies.


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