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How to store Guizhou Liquor? You know what?



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How to store Guizhou Liquor? Let's find out.
Guizhou liquor storage should be put in the wine cabinet as far as possible, the bottle lid should be sealed, the temperature should not exceed 30℃, the humidity should be about 70%, and the storage should be upright. If you don't have a liquor cabinet, keep it in a dark, cool, clean, airy area of your home, such as a cellar or storage room.
Guizhou liquor should be stored in a clean, light-free and well-ventilated place with ambient relative humidity of about 70%. Bottle caps tend to mold in high humidity. The ambient temperature of liquor storage should not exceed 30℃, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.




It is important not to allow the liquor to come into contact with the air ingredients. If some microorganisms or bacteria get into the liquor, then the result of storage can be imagined. If you are worried about the quality of the bottle, wrap it in a plastic bag or seal it with wax, but be careful that the wax does not enter the liquor.

In addition, Guizhou liquor storage vertical storage. Because if we put it upside down or sideways, the long-term development of alcohol analysis will cause corrosion of part of the bottle mouth, or it is easy to affect the situation of non-sealing.

When storing baijiu, we try to segregate it. If we can't, it's best to prepare a special wine cabinet. Because if you put it with something that smells for a long period of time, you might have a bad smell problem.

How to distinguish the quality of Guizhou liquor? Let's find out.
Look at the hops: Take the bottle of baijiu, turn it over, shake it for a while, and put the baijiu right on its side to see if the hops are dense in the bottle and how quickly it dissipates. If the hops are dense and slowly dissipating, then the baijiu is good and worth buying. On the other hand, if the use of less hops, and can dissipate time faster than the bad wine.

Look at the ingredients: In most cases, businesses are not allowed to open the packaging of wine, then you can check the outer packaging of liquor, see whether there are four words "edible alcohol" on the outer packaging, edible alcohol is different from pure food wine traditional solid production, traditional solid formed in the middle of a lot of organic ingredients, with this ancient method of brewing wine is good wine, However, edible alcohol is used for blending. Blending wine is slightly inferior in quality. If you see the four words "edible alcohol", it means that the wine is inferior or fake.

Hand knead: If you can taste baijiu, you can open the bottle cap, pour a small amount of wine in the heart of both hands, with the palms of both hands, put it in the nose to smell, if it smells mushy or fragrant, it is said to be grain wine. If there is only a strong smell of alcohol, which means it is a mixture of water and alcohol, try not to buy it. If we smell more mellow, then this wine is good wine, sweet for medium wine, bitter and smelly problems or through some other odor, it is bad wine.

Edible oil identification: use chopsticks to take a small amount of edible oil, drop in the container containing liquor, if the oil drops in the wine does not spread, and the original shape, the wine is a good quality wine. If the oil is found to spread irregularly in the wine, and the diffusion rate is fast, the wine is made of water and alcohol mixed bad wine, do not buy.


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