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How to store liquor in Maotai Town?



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Maotai Town liquor, known as Baijiu in English, is a general name of Chinese alcoholic drinks (except fruit wine and rice wine), also known as soju, laobaigan and roasted knife.

The flavor of Maotai Town liquor is complex, mainly ester, Qu wine and yeast as saccharification starter, starch (saccharification) as raw materials, after boiling, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging, blending and other processes of brewing. Strictly speaking, baijiu made from the combination of edible alcohol and edible spices cannot be counted as baijiu.



In the new Import and Export Tariff Rules of the People's Republic of China in 2021, the tax code in chapter 22 is 2208.9020, and the Chinese listed name is Baijiu, the corresponding English name becomes Chinese Baijiu. On June 1, 2022, the Term of the Baijiu Industry was officially implemented. The main raw material of baijiu must be grain.

There are many kinds of liquor brewing technology in Maotai town. The brewing method determines the flavor, aroma and flavor of liquor. Liquor is glycosylated by the amylase in Aspergillus oryzae, and many by-products are produced in the subsequent fermentation process due to the use of Aspergillus oryzae. These by-products give the wine its strong flavor.

Chinese Maotai liquor can be divided into the following flavors: Maotai flavor, Qing flavor, Luzhou flavor, Laobaigan flavor, rice flavor, Feng flavor, double flavor, Dong flavor and other flavors.

How to store liquor in Maotai Town? Let's find out.

Taizhen liquor storage as far as possible in the wine cabinet, bottle lid sealed, the temperature does not exceed 30℃, humidity at about 70%, upright preservation. If you don't have a liquor cabinet, keep it in a dark, cool, clean, airy area of your home, such as a cellar or storage room.

Maotai liquor should be stored in a clean, light-free and well-ventilated place with ambient relative humidity of about 70%. Bottle caps tend to mold in high humidity. The ambient temperature of liquor storage should not exceed 30℃, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

It is important not to allow the liquor to come into contact with the air ingredients. If some microorganisms or bacteria enter the liquor, then the result of storage can be imagined. If you are worried about the quality of the bottle, wrap it in a plastic bag or seal it with wax, but be careful that the wax does not enter the liquor.

In addition, Maotai town liquor storage to vertical storage. Because if we put it upside down or sideways, the long-term development of alcohol analysis will cause corrosion of part of the bottle mouth, or it is easy to affect the situation of non-sealing.

When storing baijiu, we try to segregate it. If we can't, it's best to prepare a special wine cabinet. Because if you put it with something that smells for a long period of time, you might have a bad smell problem.


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