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How does Maotai town liquor stand or fall distinguish?



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Maotai liquor, also known as soju and Baigan, is a distilled liquor made from Chinese sorghum, rice and grains, Daqu, ditqu, Fuqu and distillery as fermentation agents for saccharification production, after solid, semi-solid or liquid cooking, saccharification, fermentation and distillation.

Maotai Baijiu is a strong liquor, also known as distilled liquor, which is distilled after fermentation to obtain a high concentration of ethanol and then mixed into a high quantity of baijiu. Baijiu can be divided into eight main categories: brandy, whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, Chinese baijiu and Japanese sake.




Maotai Town liquor, also known as soju, Laobaigan, Shao Dao, etc., its standard definition is: with grain as the main raw material, with Daqu, ditqu or bran Qu and wine mother as saccharification starter culture, after steaming, saccharification, fermentation, distillation and made of distilled wine. From starch or sugar raw materials, fermented grains or fermented mash could be made by distillation. The wine colorless (or yellowish) transparent, pure aroma, soft, sweet, high alcohol content, storage and mature, with esters based complex aroma.

How does Maotai town liquor stand or fall distinguish? Let's find out.

Look at the hops: Take the bottle of baijiu, turn it over, shake it for a while, and put the baijiu right on its side to see if the hops are dense in the bottle and how quickly it dissipates. If the hops are dense and slowly dissipating, then the baijiu is good and worth buying. On the other hand, if the use of less hops, and can dissipate time faster than the bad wine.

Look at the ingredients: In most cases, businesses are not allowed to open the packaging of wine, then you can check the outer packaging of liquor, see whether there are four words "edible alcohol" on the outer packaging, edible alcohol is different from pure food wine traditional solid production, traditional solid formed in the middle of a lot of organic ingredients, with this ancient method of brewing wine is good wine, However, edible alcohol is used for blending. Blending wine is slightly inferior in quality. If you see the four words "edible alcohol", it means that the wine is inferior or fake.

Hand knead: If you can taste baijiu, you can open the bottle cap, pour a small amount of wine in the heart of both hands, with the palms of both hands, put it in the nose to smell, if it smells mushy or fragrant, it is said to be grain wine. If there is only a strong smell of alcohol, which means it is a mixture of water and alcohol, try not to buy it. If we smell more mellow, then this wine is good wine, sweet for medium wine, bitter and smelly problems or through some other odor, it is bad wine.

Edible oil identification: use chopsticks to take a small amount of edible oil, drop in the container containing liquor, if the oil drops in the wine does not spread, and the original shape, the wine is a good quality wine. If the oil is found to spread irregularly in the wine, and the diffusion rate is fast, the wine is made of water and alcohol mixed bad wine, do not buy.


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