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How to choose baijiu? Maotai town liquor manufacturers for you to explain!



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How to choose baijiu? Maotai town liquor manufacturers for you to explain!
For many years, baijiu has been an important drink on the dinner table of Chinese people. Whether it is a family affair or a social work dinner party, as long as it is a little bit of important issues, it is basically inseparable from Chinese baijiu, which is actually a special traditional culture of the table! From the moment of the birth of Baijiu (officially named grain distilled liquor in the 1950s) to the present, no matter the process, raw materials, flavor, or the market, there have been great changes!




Maotai liquor manufacturers remind you that there was no unified standard for the process and raw materials of liquor before, which was basically a distillery (burning room). Later, with the development of the market, now not only brewing raw materials and processes have strict standards and requirements, even the flavor of liquor has not evolved from the original to 12. Baijiu brands have grown from hundreds to thousands, which can be seen in the baijiu section of supermarkets.
Maotai town liquor manufacturers remind you that although we now have a lot of liquor categories, but to tell the truth some students quality is not as good as a few decades ago small winery production, although they at that time if there is no flavor, there is no gorgeous packaging, but at least these enterprise product development are their own pure food wine. However, today's baijiu, which seems to have good packaging and reputation, is actually worse than the price.
So how do you choose baijiu? Maotai town liquor manufacturers for you to explain!

Fragrance selection:
In the early years of liquor there is no flavor distinction, later with the development of the liquor market has now many flavors, and which the wider audience belongs to the "clear flavor", "Luzhou-flavor", "Maotai-fragrant wine" three kinds! Three different flavor development have their own characteristics, how to choose to see our personal information preferences, but the problem can not be independent, if you like Maomaoism, then go to the supermarket to buy wine only to see maomaoism products, as for other flavors please directly can be ignored, otherwise students will and buy clothes are the same, the more eye flower!

Look at the ingredients:
Maotai town liquor manufacturers remind you that ingredients are the intuitive embodiment of liquor quality, regular pure grain wine using brewing raw materials only water, sorghum, wheat, peas for grain, if there are some unknown additives, then this is not a bottle of pure grain wine, but may be a bottle of "preparation wine" or "flavor wine", that is, we say "alcohol wine". Although regular alcoholic wine can drink, but the overall quality and taste is definitely lower than pure grain wine!

Therefore, we choose pure grain wine rather than wine, such as Maotai, Wuliangye pure grain wine is a little more expensive, but the quality is very guaranteed. The important thing is that they are well known, so it is good to take them out and they are suitable for entertaining and giving gifts. But if you are drinking on your own, I suggest you choose a good, cheap wine. Take one from Maotai, a town in Guizhou province, China.


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